Tips To overcome Misunderstanding between Friends

Tips To overcome Misunderstanding between Friends


It’s great and exciting to get a Friend, Having a good friend is a wonderful feeling,a can make you feel unbreakable, frienship can be said to be a close association between two or more people, it’s a mutual relationship and affection between two or more people

Friendship doesn’t mean just hanging out with people or talking once in a blue moon, friendship requires mutual understanding, commitment, sacrifice, dedication and lots more.


Yes you have a good friend,but all of a sudden,you don’t feel the spark and emotions anymore. You feel cold and your friend suddenly looks like a stranger,or someone you are meeting for the first time. Or a big misunderstanding occured between you,and it looks unreconcilable, at that moment different questions starts coming to your mind, what is happening to us? What went wrong? It’s this the end of the road to our friendsship? And so on.

What is a misunderstanding? Misunderstanding can be a querel or disagreement between two or more people or friends. Misunderstanding or quarrel is part of life,it can happen to anybody or anyone at anytime,and if not properly handled can yeild unwanted result.

Friendship comes with a whole lot of work, dedication, responsibilities and commitment and it is also followed with so much joy,fun and excitement. However,There is a great possibility/ chance that there will be challenges between friends,that can cause a great heat and tension between them ,which inturn can result in arguments and misunderstanding between friends , but most times these misunderstandings can and should have been avoided if properly handled.

I know the questions going through your mind is how do I properly handle a misunderstanding between my friend’s’ and I. If you want to do that and make your friendship very peaceful,then you should learn these amazing ways of handling misunderstanding.

1. Don’t ever think you are always right

Knowing fully and admitting that you are not always right is a vital key to accepting and listening to your friends opinion or suggestions about issues.

Whenever you have a different view or opinion about an issue, relax and try and listen to what your friends has to say, listen to his/her opinion or view, even if you do not agree with his/her opinion at that time/moment, you can demand for a little time,it might be some hours,a day,two or more to think about the matter,a think about it carefully,look at the the issue from his/her own point of view before you decide.

You should always respect your friends opinion/views about an issue before taking final decision,this will inturn avoid misunderstanding or quarrel.

2. Have a heart to heart discussion

To avoid misunderstanding with your friend,you avoid keeping things to yourself,don’t bear grudges with your friend, settle down at your free time,a time convenient for both parties for a open heart discussion with your friend, be mindful of what you say,pour out your mind

Always say what you mean and mean what you say. Be truthful, truthfulness is an important key to good and long lasting friendship, always make sure or try every possible means to make intention clear and simple,avoid abusive words in expressing yourself no matter how hurt you may feel, do not waste time on assumptions and always stay away from bad energy

3. Pay attention and don’t interrupt while your friend is talking

It pays to listen, when you listen while your friend is communicating with you,you most likely understand what they say, whenever your friend is talking to you and important issues,do not turn deaf hears or cut/interrupt his/her speech to make or give your own point, instead pay attention to your friends so you can understand his/her view

4. Be ready to make a mutual decision

If there is need to go ahead and compromise to a mutual decision, solution so as to make peace with your friend,this shows that you value their opinion too,this way there will be peace with your friend, you should always try and do that so far what your friend is bringing to the table is not a bad thing or breaks the law or affects you negatively.

Losing a decision or yielding to your friends advise do not mean you are looser, it only means you a are a listener and you are a peace lover.

5. Control your emotion.

Controlling your feelings and emotion will strengthen and and give you confidence to tackle and settle problems between you and your friend, always have positive vibes. You should try and take perfect control of your feelings.

Taking charge of your negative emotions will strengthen you to face the problems between you and your spouse with a positive attitude. You should control your emotions no matter how bad you’ve felt. Even when you feel like standing up and walk away or engaging in verbal or physical abuse, you should gather your inner self to hold back these negative emotions.

6. Be willing to forgive and forget

Friends who forgive each other withyany condition last longer,there friendship is always stronger than others. Alwa exys be ready to forgive the wrong doings of your friends.

Frankly speaking forgetting isn’t an easy thing to do,but through God’s mercy and time the healing of the heart break and disappointment will eventually happen, because time has a way of healing wounds

7. Start over again

I know you are disappointed and broken, but you can still open your heart to love and start the friendship all over again. Taking the decision to start all over again is the most important step to retore your friendship again.

8 . Seek help if you need to

Sometimes,things might be more than what you can handle,you have tried the above steps and things still doesn’t work out. What should you do after?

You should seek for help, do not let your friendship end by keeping grudges and keeping silent. Talk to a counselor to help bring back your friendship.

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