The Reason Erica Nlewedim Won the Elites

The Reason Erica Nlewedim Won the Elites

ERICA NLEWEDIM has been fighting all her life.Her battle has been because of her natural born personality

Her Spirit is so unique that when you meet her for the first time, you either want more from her, grossly underestimate her or you’re envious of her.And when you finally get to know her as a person you either love her or your surprised by her.

The reason Erica won the Elites, was what they saw that people missed.From the moment she entered that house, the house mates felt that she was ordinary and really amounted to nothing.Not knowing that she was the most hardworking of the lot, the only one that had really gone far in life.Then came envy; the one person she could call a friend pushed her away because she liked the Guy that liked her.Then came want; the one friend she made in the house wanted more than she could give and when she couldn’t give him what he wanted, he betrayed her.Erica Nlewedim has been fighting all her life and what she did in that house was to fight.She fought for the right to be herself in a game that says be yourself but penalises you when you act naturally.

She fought for the right to act naturally in a game that says act naturally but exalts those that pretend.She fought for the right to chose the man she wanted.She fought against the betrayal that she didn’t even know was happening behind her back.She fought against being ganged up on.She fought against falsehood.And finally,

She fought the Law of the house that favoured some with there depiction more than others.Even though she was disqualified, she still won, because in the house she earned the most outstanding fans to have ever graced the BBN show and outside, Erica Nlewedim became the most valuable person of BBN5.

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