How To Overcome Your Past: You Can Rise Again

How To Overcome Your Past: You Can Rise Again


How To Overcome Your Past: You Can Rise Again – Your Past can be said to be set of events that occurred/happened before a given point or before now. The past is accessed through memory and recollection

We are humans, and sometimes,we all have happened to be in a situation, an occurrence, where we made a decision to choose,to make a move, to talk, accept, decline, run,stay back or do something at that present time. Maybe due to one reason or the other,maybe due to the condition that we found ourselves at that present time, instead of doing the right thing or choosing to act positively, we made a mistake and made the wrong choice,or we acted negetively to that situation, or maybe we said the wrong things, or decided to stay back instead of leaving, this inturn might/have affected us or people who are close to our heart,our friends, neighbor, family, negetively.


These big and avoidable mistake have brought on us bad consequences which might be hurting us presently, or have resulted in limiting our future achievements

Another instance is unwillingness to forgive a friend or family,which has lead to an unsettled argument or have turn apart a lot of relationships or friendships that would have lead to a great relationship or maybe a great achievement.

After days, months or years past, one or both of the people involved then realized his/her mistake which has lead to a failed friendship or has hindered what would have resulted into a big achievement, then this thought starts to hurt them.

Failure can cause alot of damage to human, for instance in a great business investment or in an academic pursuit where u have invested so much, your time,your money, and your effort,if such business fails it can lead to depression and there would be fear of try again.

There is a popular saying that says; your past can only limit you if you allow it to block your vision of the future

The main reason that makes our past,the mistakes we made to keep coming back to us,to our memories is just to block us or hinder us from seeing the future or achieving our goals.

Most times we blame ourselves or someone else for our suffering,when we have the power to avoid it. Your past brings a fearful and a very awful image of how the future might be if you decide not to back down and try again and this inturn will prevent and stop you from trying again even though there is a great possibility of you succeeding in that adventure.

Never allow the monster called the past to scare you or stop you from achieving your dreams. Go ahead with your plan because your past should only make you wiser,stronger and better now.

How To Rise Again

You will only be able to rise again from your paste failure if you break yourself free from your paste ordeals, say no to depression, shake off the and stop thinking about possibility of failure,and try to focus on the light at the end of the turnel, believe and hope for better future,then you can actualise your dreams


You have to accept the fact that you have made a mistake, or made a wrong decision, afterwards look for a way to fix that mistake, avoid feeling guilty and worthless because mistakes are hardly avoidable, instead make a move to right your wrong. You do not necessarily have to try and fix the problem by doing the same business,or making the same decision, instead look for a new way or try another method in doing the business and work towards it so that it can give you your expected result.

If you don’t have a plan for the future yet because of fear of failure, you can go ahead and make one now. A popular adage says if you fail to plan then you are u to fail

Avoid reminiscing on your past failures

Thinking about your past failure will limit your achievement, it only result to negetive energy. These negetive vibes might result into depression which will weigh you down and prevent you from progressing, depression is bad for you.

Reminiscing about your past failure will make you feel guilty and reduce your self worth, you might get stucked to your past instead of planning for the future

People who think alot about their past stays stucked/dwells in their past and rarely make any significant progress in their life and their future. Your ability to become great and achieving your goals will only become a dream which cannot be achieved, because your success will be buried in the past.

Living in your past will kill both your present and future plans

Moving on from your past will give you the edge to life a productive life and achieving greatly,you would have learnt from your mistakes and carefully guard yourself and work towards achieving your aim.

Constantly Blaming yourself will hinder you from progressing.

Constantly blaming yourself for and avoidable error and failure is a step closer to loosing every. You are destroying yourself, your self worth and your ability to make the right choice and win

As earlier stated mistakes are hardly avoidable,so don’t think you are a failure because things didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, instead learn from the mistake that has happened and then make the right move, and work towards moving forward.

Point out the right things you ought to have done, decision where you made the wrong choice, discover the proper way to have handled such situations and then take actions and keep note of it, so that you can act positively if you come across such situations again later in the future

Instead of blaming yourself and decreasing your self worth, you should get back up, start again,love yourself and decide never to give up, think about your personal life style, if you feel they might have Contributed to your failure in the past, then strive to make a change and become a better and wiser version of yourself.

You can increase your self worth by learning more skills, learning from your mistakes and others,do research, stay away from bad energy and try again

Disconnecting from your past is the pillar for creating your future

Do you want to rise again? Then, disconnect from your past, and focus on future, planning today is a pillar for creating your futureDo not live in your past, do not get stucked in there, no matter how many days,months or years you have been in your fallen state, you can rise again

Never ever loose focus until your dreams for your future becomes a realiy


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