How to overcome loneliness, when you have to stay at home

How to overcome loneliness, when you have to stay at home

Loneliness is an inner feeling/expression, that each and everyone feels at one point or the other in a lifetime. Most especially now, when the whole world is facing a pandemic. And everyone is expected to stay at home all day, meaning you have to put a stop to all your usual daily and weekly activities, including jobs, social activities, sports, recreation and so on.

To some staying at home is not part of there lifestyle, this can be a big problem to them as they are not use to it, and this can cause feelings of loneliness, expecially to some that are far away from there love ones.


Take for instance, you waking up in the morning and you cannot follow your daily routine, you can’t step out of your house to go to work, church, amusement park or even bar or cinema.

All you can do is watch TV, read a book, go online to read about the latest happenings in the world. How would you feel, that will be strange right? and that will be new to your system and this can make you unhappy.

Whenever you try to have fun, you are remembered about the pandemic the world is facing right now, you are bothered about the safety of yourself, family and friends. You watch the news and see what is happening around the world and this makes you sad all over again.

I am pleased to tell you that you have all the right to be happy, you should not depend on anyone for you to be happy, you should be happy for yourself. If not for anything, you should be happy that you are alive and healthy.

You should try and avoid getting bored and hiding in your room all day, you can still keep yourself busy and happy even though you have to stay indoors all day. Try not to allow the feelings of loneliness to put a stop to your life. You can still catch fun with friends and family even though you are observing social distancing and stay at home order

So how will I overcome loneliness when I have to stay at home and be happy with myself,you would ask right?

Here are some activities you can engage yourself in to overcome loneliness,while you are stucked at home

1. Exercise.

Exercise is good for the body, keeps you fit and help you shake out what you are feeling at the moment, when you workout it keeps you minds against worries.

Yes,it’s impossible to visit the gym now,so how do you exercise you would ask, you can try out a lots of indoor exercise, like situp, push up, or better still, you can download some fitness training online and practice them yourself. There are lots of fitness trainer that upload there trainings online for people. The work out will keep you busy and keep you away from worries, and these will inturn ease the feelings of loneliness

2. Cultivate a garden.

Yes,you heard right, try to cultivate a small garden I front or at the back of your compound, try growing things, maybe flowers, fruit, or vegies as this will in return keep your mind off worries when you are at it, flowers will also beautify your environment, flowers grow in a short time, you will get busy by watering the garden, trimming the flowers. Trust me this will be a great idea and will keep you away from boredom and loneliness.

3. Meditation.

Meditation is practiced by a lot of people and it has been said to help in healing the body and soul. Try meditating once or twice a day. It helps you clear your mind against worries and feed your mind with good thoughts, meditating will also help you discover your true self. In the process think about the good things that has happened to you lately, always keep your mind on positive things and this will inturn help you to fight loneliness

4. Stay active.

By staying active during the day keeps your mind away from worries, you can stay active by learning to prepare that favorite meal you have always wanted to know how to prepare, so the dishes, clean your environment,so the laundry. Do t try to stay idle as this might make you start thinking about unnecessary things. Staying active will help you overcome loneliness

5.Read a book.

Do you love reading? But your work schedule doesn’t give you time to read, now is the perfect time to do that,or maybe you have had this idea of writing or you are a good writer, there is no other perfect time than this,out all your ideas and thoughts into writing, You will surely overcome loneliness by doing what you love

6. Watch Movies

Are you a movie lover? Or you have heard about how interesting a particular movie is, but you have not had the time to sit down and watch, yes you can’t go to the cinema, but you have a TV at home, settle down get urself some snacks or popcorn and enjoy your movie, this will take your mind off worries and help you overcome loneliness

7. Spend time with your love ones.

When you are feeling lonely,one of the important things you can do to feel love and overcome that feeling is by spending time with your loved ones,most expecially your partner,your family and friends are also there to help, make them understand how you feel, you would be surprised how fast you would heal, at forget about ever being lonely

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