How To Choose Your Inner Cycle Friends

How To Choose Your Inner Cycle Friends

Friends can be described in so many ways, to some friends can be someone or people who you know very well and like and they can be related or not related to you, again friends can also be said to be a person or people with whom one has a great bonding or mutual understanding and likeness.

Friends are very important part of our life because one can be easily influenced/ affected by them either in a negative way or in a positive way.


There is a popular adage that says show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, another one says bird of the same feather moves,migrate or flock together, meaning the kind of friends you choose or have shows the kind and type of person you are because you are most likely to have the same character, attitude, behavior and the way you live your life.

However,to live a beautiful life,to live a crime free life and enjoy the company of friends,you must be very and extra careful in choosing the type of friends and people you associate with.

You must be able to understand the kind of person you are,your attitude towards life,your goals in life and use all these to choose your friend,so that your friends can only affect you in a positive way and not in a negetive way and vise versa.

Every friendship relationship you enter into must be with a purpose. There must be a mutual focus, vison to keep you on track and feedback from both sides.

Every friends you make must be with a particular or set of reasons, there must be a similar focus, attitude, character to lead you on a right track that you have set aside for your life and you must be able to do the same for your friends.

In other words a friend with which you have nothing in common with will only make life miserable for you. It can also be referred to as a parasitic type of relationship in which only one person benefits at the expense of others,and this can also lead you astray from the goals and objectives you have lined up to achieve in a given set of time.

So what should you do when you find yourself in this kind of friendship,the parasitic type of friendship, try and see if you can change such a person and put him/her on the right path of life if it doesn’t work out,the way forward is to break up fast from such friendship, before it starts affecting you negetively.

In this post,I would like to talk about the types of friends that one can come across in a lifetime.
They are; intimate Friends, casual friends and your inner cycle, The first type of friends i will talk about are the in this post are the intimate Friends.

The second type of friends i will talk about are the casual friends

Casual Friends

Who is a casual friend? A casual friend is someone who you know either by face or by name but you have very little or zero information about. They can be described as people who you mostly come in contact with but have limited details/information about and vice-versa.

Simply put,they are people you often come in contact with but you don’t have any personal relationship with.

Casual friends can be people who you meet at work,in a gym, field, classroom, department in school,in church programs and so on.

Having said that,does dis mean a casual friend cannot be an intimate friend? The answer is no, there are situation that can make a casual friend become an intimate friend, when you get close contact with a casual friend and realise you have a common or the same behavior, attitude towards life,there is a great chance that a casual friend can become an intimate friend.

Intimate Friends

These are people with whom you are close to, people that you have the same type of behavior or attitude and you are very close with.

These kind of people are those that you have a common ground with,you have things that always being you together everytime. Things like sport’s, school work, religion,work place, they could be your coursemate,you might belong to the same club, you might have passion for the same thing,let say singing or swimming etc. You find out that you have a very similar or same personalities and you are attracted to each other.

At a point in time,you realize that when the common grounds,or place or situation that has brought you together, has been dissolved or changed,such person will gradually become a stranger or what I would call a casual friend. Because you have lost that passion,or common interests that has brought you together

The third category of friends i will talk about are your inner circle friends. Who are your inner cycle friends?

Inner Circle Friends

These are people with which you have had a long term friendship with, people that you know closely or personally, people you have close relationship with for a very long time,they can also be from your intimate friends or you might meet them casually at first

This type of friends are the people that you have the same focus,the same philosophy of life,you trust, people who will always have your back at all times, people who are ready to lead you on a right path, people who are and will always be there for you financial, they respect your decision and ready to give good advice.

Your inner circle friends are very close to you,you must have developed a very close relationship with them. You share the same passion,principles to life, sometimes you can share the same Faith and believe system.

They have a very detailed information about all areas of your life,they know when you are strong and when you are weak. You can always walk to them For encouragements,support and they are ready to correct you at any time ,that is why you have to be very careful in choosing your inner cycle friend

Truthfully,this type of friends are hard to come by. Why do you need inner circle friends? You need them for so many reasons, you need them for your business either to support you financial or to help boost the business,you need them in your career too. These type of friends are hard to come by that is why you might have very few of them, maybe one or two, depending on your personality.

Qualities to look for before choosing your inner cycle friends

1. Trustworthiness – He or she must be trustworthy,must be able to have you back at all times

2. Honesty – He/she must be honest,must be able to tell you things as they are

3. Loving – He/she must be a loving person, without love there is no friendship

4. Positive-minded – He/she must always be positive about every of you dealings, must not discourage you on good things you intend to do

5. Passionate – He/she must be passionate

6. Supportive – A good friend must have your back at all times, he must be there in times of need

7. Confidential – Your secret must be safe with him, because he will surely know a lot about you

8. Excellent communicator – He must be able to communicate with you,advise you and lead you on a right track

Consideration before choosing your inner cycle friends

There are certain things you must consider before choosing your inner cycle friends and they are listed below

1.Time of your friendship; This Is very important

2. Is he/she supportive?

3. Does he/she wants you to succeed in life

4. Do you sense any negative vibes like jealousy, criticism

5. Does he/she have your back at all times

6. Do you share the same philosophy to life

7. Is he/trustworthy

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